Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hanoi, Vietnam

This experience in Vietnam has been completely unique. We've gone from sweaty armpit weather to having to wear every article of clothing in order to survive in a mere three and a half weeks. Hanoi has been different than the other cities. It's not nearly as Westernized, and the poor infrastructure is apparent from your first steps out of the hotel. Sidewalks? I believe you mean motorbike parking areas. Despite the foreignness of this city, I love it.

I find it endearing that on Valentine's day instead of couples spending $50-$100, they went to the Pho shop on the corner and spent $2.50. The family-orientated society is much more apparent here. It's rare to see a person my age without their significant other, or even their parents.

If I could go back, I would hope that the people who planned this trip would give us more time in each place. Just when I think I've got a feel on how the city works, on where my hotel is in relation to a coffee shop or restaurant, it's time to move on. I leave for Hong Kong on Tuesday. I miss my family, my friends and Greg, but I'll definitely always remember the time I've spent here. Maybe when I've had got a few more years under my belt I'll come back to Vietnam. I'd like to see more of the beaches and walk around more in Saigon. It feels weird to finish this blog post.

The entrance to the Temple of Literature

Balloons were the gift of choice this Valentine's Day.

Mother and child walk home after a Valentine's day dinner.

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