Monday, October 01, 2012

Oak Park

SO I'M WAY BEHIND. And by that, I mean I'm home from Vietnam, am living near Chicago and am going to graduate school. I also have a dog, live in my own apartment, and half of my friends are living in Eurasia right now because they want to prolong the inevitable adulthood phase of life {not that this is a bad thing, I'm doing the same thing by going to grad school}. But couldn't they have done this while still living in 'Murca?! Come on people, stay by me!

Anyways since I usually post a photo on these blogs, I'll give you a look at my puppy, Yoshi. He's a year old and is my favorite dog in the whole world. Everyone agrees with me {if you don't, you die}.

This is his cage. Clearly, he is one spoiled puppy.

Recently, he's gone through his "cliche" phase in which he does typical dog things [i.e. drinks out of the toilet, tries to dig a hole through the hardwood floors, pees on fire hydrants etc...]

Eventually I'll post on the goings-on in OP, my new hometown {that's the slogan. How kitschy}

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