Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to communicate with others.

I've finally realized how to communicate with others. I believe a note is much more passive aggressive, tactful, indirect, proper than actually saying what you mean. So like so many other people in this world, I'll use a note instead.

can you tell that I'm sarcastic at times?


Margaux said...

Dear anonymous,
I was sharing the product. Did you miss the hyperlink/fine print that pointed out my sarcasm?

Margaux said...

I feel like notes are inherently passive aggressive. Maybe it's just me... I've had some nasty situations where people used notes instead of yelling at me/my roommates etc...

Phone calls are nice. Skype is better. Or people could actually meet up for once! But leaving notes around the house just says that you're afraid to text because there might be instantaneous rage at the other end of the message.

Margaux said...

The audience is any person I'm too big of a wuss to confront without a pre-written passive aggressive note.