Thursday, December 01, 2011

Oh thankfulness.

This Thanksgiving was interesting to say the least. The image I will have forever branded into my mind is that of my house on Thanksgiving morn. My parents bought a 14-lb turkey and fried it, which scares me because of the whole this-is-how-houses-are-burned-down thing. On top of that, we had five beef ribs to cook as well. While preparing the food, I snapped this picture:

This is my dad. If you share my sentiments, this is terrifying. 
Also he looks like Uncle Fester.

I also learned that the average American consumes 4,000 calories on Thanksgiving. Which is four times the amount that a person my height should be eating. That's pretty bananas. And so to make up for my guilt over the endeavor, I've started eating granola and yogurt for breakfast. Not quite as appetizing as a 4,000 calorie meal, but you win some you lose some.

Although it looks disgusting, this actually isn't the worst thing I've ever eaten.
(side note: In Vietnam, we're planning on trying dog. Does this make me an anti-vegan?)

This entry might be boring, but I figure at least it's something. Hopefully you, too, can carry the memory of my dad on Thanksgiving with you. Although I don't think it will scare you as much as it does me because he doesn't sleep down the hall from you when you're at home. 

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