Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Yeah yeah, we've all heard it before. "New Year, New YOU!!!" "start the year off right" "I'm going to work out every day and never drink soda again and only eat vegetables during the week".

No on the last one? That's just me then...

Anyways. 2012 really started with a bang for me. As we all know I'm applying for grad school (insert applause from the studio audience), and decided to end the year focusing on me. 2011 ended with a party at my parents' house filled with my best friends in the whole world. The photographic evidence [[I HAVE FRIENDS?!]]

The besties.

A very random photo.

Myself and one of my suitemates from FRESHMEN YEAR. yes people, I can keep a friend :)

Anywho, I figured since I'm going to Vietnam in about two weeks, I should start my blog off with recent events rather than just diving into my Asian adventures (also, here's hoping that they're google friendly over there, as facebook is a no no). 

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